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ADSL Faults

Faulty ADSL connection, things to check:

  1. Try turning the ADSL router on and off, if necessary unplug the transformer, this cures more than 50% of speed problems.
  2. Check there is no noise on the ADSL line. To do this dial 17070 and select option 2. Listen for any buzzing, whining, clicking on the line.
    If there are any noises phone BT on 151 (domestic) 152 (business) faults.
  3. Check none of the wiring to the router is loose. This is best done by un-plugging and re-plugging each socket. If you cannot feel the plug clicking into place it may be time to buy a new lead.
    If cables run through doorways or near table or chair legs check they have not become damaged or bent.
  4. Have any new phone or other devices been added to the same phone number, perhaps in another room. All devices using the same phone number as the ADSL line must be connected via an ADSL filter.
  5. Too many phones. If too many devices are connected to the same phone line the voltage may drop to a level where the connection is intermittent. This can also happen as phone devices particularly FAX and credit card machines get old and start to use more electricity. Unplug all other devices to eliminate them. Add them back one at a time to try and identify the faulty/excess device.
  6. Are the ADSL filters on the line over 5 years old, if so try replacing these.
  7. Is the faulty connection via a wireless connection. If so test using a wired connection, see also ‘Wireless faults’
  8. Is the ADSL router connected to the master BT socket? If it is connected via an extension try connecting directly to the master socket, usually the first socket after the BT line enters the building.
  9. If you still have a fault check if the Internet light is off/red/or flashing depending upon your router and similarly the DSL light. The status of these lights form part of the information we supply to BT when reporting a fault.

Wireless faults:

  1. Check you are connecting to your own wireless router. A surprising number of people accidentally connect via neighbours wireless routers.
  2. Check the aerial on your PC is not shielded. Close proximity of a steel table leg can be a big problem.
  3. Check the aerial on your wireless card has not become unscrewed or loose.
  4. Try changing the wireless channel used by your ADSL router. A neighbours new wireless router may be using the same channel and interfering with your signal.

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