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Terms @ Interactive Advertising


  Customer Service Level Agreement

- UK Domain Names

  • Customer phone calls or emails will normally be responded to within two hours and no later than the end of the next working day.
  • Customer requests are normally resolved within two hours. Where complaints are going to take longer the client will be given the reason and an estimated completion time.

Terms & Conditions

- UK Domain names

  • Domain prices are published on our home page, for any domain not published please phone or email using the information on our contact page.
  • You will be invoiced for expiring domain name registrations no later than 30 days before expiry, normally 60 days.
  • Our default action is to renew all domain names unless we receive an email requesting cancelation or transfer.
  • Domains will be renewed at the price given on the supplied invoice.
  • We make no additional charges for transferring or terminating a domain name.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to keep Interactive Advertising aware of any change in invoicing address. We will make reasonable efforts to update addresses where invoices are returned.
  • UK domain names are ultimately administered by Nominet. For completeness here is a link to their Policies and Rules.

Complaints & Escalation Process

- UK Domain Names

  • Initially complaints should be emailed to support@interads.co.uk detailing the nature of the complaint and identifying the customer involved and providing contact information for a response.
  • Complaints not resolved within 2 working days will be escalated to a Company Director.
  • Where complaint cannot be resolved by a Company Director the client will be directed to the Nominet Registrar Complaint procedure

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