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  A secure and reliable back up solution is critical to organisational success. However, most organisations simply require an easy-to-use and inexpensive solution which complements their existing infrastructure.  

DataBackup is an online back up solution which automatically backs up company data to two off-site locations. It can eradicate the need for unreliable and old-fashioned tape back up systems which are reliant on human management and attract hardware and offsite storage costs.  

DataBackup requires no extra hardware and runs securely over an existing Internet connection, providing a beneficial and complementary service to a DSL solution and ensuring continuity of business.  





Cost Effective - DataBackup is competitively priced, and is fully automated to save time, money and errors. 

Security - data is encrypted to 448-bit military grade security, to ensure that is remains safe and secure at all times.

Ease of Use - DataBackup has been built around the familiar Microsoft Windows interface, to ensure that companies can get up and running quickly and easily.  

Automation - the solution is fully automated enabling back ups to take place at scheduled intervals with no need for human intervention. If a connection is lost at any point during the process, the system will re-try the connection up to 20 times before alerting the administrator.  

Archiving - a fully comprehensive archive system allows important information to be kept for as long as it is required. This is especially useful for key data such as company accounts and human resources information. 

Off Site - as DataBackup uses the Internet it is considerably less expensive than conventional offsite back up procedures. Users no longer have to employ a courier to pick up tapes and deliver them to a storage or data centre. Off site storage of data also means it is safe in the event of damage to premises. 

Restoration Process - all data backed up is readily available, in or out of office hours. Restoration can take place via the online connection or through a number of different media options, allowing users to choose how they would like their data to be restored. 

E-mail Notification - DataBackup will automatically send an email to the administrator when back up is complete, with a full breakdown of the activity.


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