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  Authenticated SMTP

SMTP: authsmtp.interads.co.uk

To set up Authenticated SMTP go to:

  • Outlook/Accounts

  • Select the mail account and click “Change”.

  • Set the outgoing mail server to authsmtp.interads.co.uk

  • Click the “More Settings” button, and then outgoing server tab.

  • Check the “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”

  • Fill in username and password

  • Default port is 25 but 587 may also be used.
    For SSL use port 465.

  • Click OK.

POP: pop3.interads.co.uk

  • Pop port 110 unencrypted or TLS
  • Pop port 995 SSL

IMAP: pop3.interads.co.uk

  • IMAP port 143 unencrypted or TLS
  • IMAP port 993 SSL

Setting up FTTC

Useful parameters:

  • PPP encapsulation = PPPoE
  • VLAN 802.1p = 2, 802.1q=101
  • VLAN 101

Setting up Business ADSL

Useful parameters:

  • PPP encapsulation = PPPoA
  • Multiplexing = VC Based
  • VPI = 0
  • VCI = 38
  • Authentication = CHAP
  • ATM Service Category = UBR

To check BT voice line is working phone:
151 for home phone lines
154 for a business phone line
and follow the instructions.

If line supports ADSL2+ you may need to force your Zyxel router into ADSL2+ mode using the telnet command line:

    wan adsl opencmd adsl2+


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