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Hosted Exchange

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Improve IT resource utilisation with  Hosted Exchange

Time is valuable and so is that of your IT department, which is why many businesses are switching to an outsourced solution for their messaging and collaboration services. Microsoft Exchange is an email-centric system that provides integrated messaging and grants remote access to public folders for group discussions, group scheduling and document sharing. It offers you and your employees mobile, remote, and desktop e-mail access with state-of-the-art security and privacy.

Businesses today are becoming more and more dependent upon the availability and management of good communication systems. Increasing costs and information technology complexities associated with the need to ensure that good communications are always available mean that there has never been a better time for businesses to utilise a practical outsourced solution. Hosted Exchange delivers a complete e-mail and messaging solution, leaving you to focus on your core business activities.
No matter what the size of the business, we are able to integrate Exchange with the Microsoft Office suite flawlessly.  Hosted Exchange is scalable and operates on a subscription basis, which means you only pay for the amount of users connected. You will not have to send IT staff on expensive training courses or pay for new software or hardware upgrades. A simple per user per month cost is applicable, details can be found here.

Outsourcing your messaging system using the Hosted Exchange solution will significantly minimise your in-house overheads by immediately reducing your administration, hardware and software costs.

Stable, secure, reliable and a fast track implementation
Hosted Exchange is a stable, secure and reliable messaging service solution. You can be assured that your business is using the latest technology and the Hosted Exchange Service Level Agreement guarantees you 99.5% uptime and 24/7 dedicated technical support. We use a clustered server farm and fully resilient SANs (Storage Area Networks) for ultimate reliability. A state of the art backup system with disaster recovery procedures leaves you confident that your business systems are in safe hands.

We can have your Hosted Exchange solution up and running much faster than in house deployment. There is a resilient network infrastructure, which means you donít need to invest in your own expensive network.

Anytime, anywhere access to your information

Hosted Exchange grants your users access to the most efficient messaging service available, enabling them to work together effectively and collaborate from any location, anytime.

This includes Outlook web access so that you can access your Exchange through Internet Explorer from any place in the world that has an internet connection.

Hosted Exchange also enables you to extend your account with mobile access via your mobile phone (WAP) or any internet enabled device. It gives you remote access in real time to important shared information such as your emails, diary and contact address book. The latest synchronised Exchange data also allows you to continue working offline until you next have a chance go online and update your information. By granting you mobility, Exchange becomes an essential communication and information management tool for you and your colleagues.

Minimum effort, Maximum performance

  • Outsource non-core IT functions allowing your business to focus on core business needs
  • No initial outlay or support costs Ė a simple per user per month cost 
    Easily expandable as your company grows
  • Quickly add/delete users and modify passwords for security
  • Manage contacts and increase team productivity through collaboration and document sharing
  • Produce usage reports
  • Coordinate group calendars, public folders, and on-line diaries
  • Automatic document archiving
  • Access data in real time via your mobile phone or Internet enabled device

A comprehensive solution and dedicated service

  • Around the clock dedicated support
  • Automatic upgrade of both hardware and software
  • A 99.5% uptime Service Level Agreement
  • Backup and restore policy
  • Automatically updated, virus protected and security checked
  • Aggregated mailbox storage that is flexible to suit your individual needs and grow with your business at a negligible cost
  • Email facility
  • Shared address books
  • Public folders
  • Distribution lists
  • Task lists and assigning
  • Shared calendaring and group scheduling
  • Content searching and indexing
  • Access via Outlook 2003 / XP
  • New look Online Web Access with increased functionality
  • Mobile access through WAP phones or PDAs


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